I am always delighted to speak about Pope John Paul I to any interested group, regardless of the size of the audience.

There is no charge for these appearances.

For those organizations that have the technology to accommodate it, I utilize a PowerPoint presentation to augment my talk.

Parishes, parish organizations, Catholic groups, and Catholic schools and colleges/universities are most likely to book these talks. However, I am eager to speak to any and all groups, religious or secular, that have an interest in learning more about Pope John Paul I.

Currently, I am limiting my talks to Rhode Island, southern Massachusetts, and eastern Connecticut. In the near future, I will expand the geographic area in which I speak.

If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement, please send me a few desired dates and times via e-mail, and I will advise you of my availability.

The presentation, depending on audience participation, lasts about an hour. It traces the arc of Albino Luciani’s life and career in the Church with emphasis on fascinating but little known aspects of his life with special emphasis on his pontificate.



Mo Guernon, Ed.M. / BiographerScan0011E-mail: moguernon@gmail.com