Reader Responses to My Writing


“I have been receiving St. Anthony Messenger as a gift for several years now. I always read it cover to cover and am never disappointed. However, this month I was absolutely delighted with every article. My favorite was Mo Guernon’s beautiful piece on Pope John Paul I, ‘The 33-Day Papacy’.”

-Sister Marilou MacDonald, IHM


“Papa Luciani was not just a ‘Smiling Pope’, he was a quiet and brilliant reformer. He was a pastor and a holy priest yes, but also a wise bishop who touched the world in a special way. I pray that the Church Universal recognizes the heroic nature of his life and raises him to the Altars. I regularly ask his intercession and eagerly await his beatification. I look forward to the author’s book.”

-David Hennessy


“Thank you again, for focusing attention on this well-loved Pope, no matter how short the reign.”

-Eleanor Yavarone


“Thank you for this. I was not familiar with this pope…Pope John Paul I sounds like a man who could truly be both Pope and saint. Will be reading the book.”

-Charlotte Bloebaum


“I am sure that he would have been a fantastic Pope in the tradition of Pope Roncalli.The Church needed humility at that time. It still does….the book by the author will help us all to discover more of Albino’s relationship with Jesus. Thanks for a wonderful article.”

-David Power


“It seems possible that Pope John Paul would have been a great pope, in the tradition of John XXIII.”

-Anne Chapman


“I am inspired by his holiness.”

-John Stabeno


“When Pope John Paul I was elected to the Papacy, I was shocked. He came from seemingly out of nowhere…Pope John Paul I was so welcoming, his smile, the smile of the love of God palpably present before a world in need of love, humility, and servanthood!!! In just hours he captivated Catholics and non-Catholics alike…As of today, I will begin to pray for his canonization…”

-Liz Webster



“It is my fondest wish and now a subject of my prayers that Pope John Paul I should become a saint.”

-Stephen Taylor







Mo Guernon, Ed.M / Biographer